Destination Harrison County, Iowa

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Harrison County is home to the Loess Hills State Forest, as well as many Harrison County Conservation Board properties with good trails for hiking.  There is the beginning of big trails/routes coming out of Missouri Valley, IA that will eventually tie into the proposed Lewis & Clark "Today" Route bike trail that will run from Hamburg, IA to Stone State Park just north of Sioux City, IA.


Brent's TrailThis signed nature trail is a lasting memorial to the longtime Forester and friend of the local communities Brent S. Olson.  The trail is currently 8 miles long through some of the most rugged terrain that the Loess Hills of Western Iowa have to offer.  The trail runs between Murray Hill Scenic Overlook to Gleason-Hubel Wildlife Area owned by the Harrison County Conservation Board.  The bulk of the trail is found in the Little Sioux Unit of the Loess Hills State Forest.   There is currently plans for future expansion of this trail so watch for updates.Brent's Trail Map 



Community Trails

Logan's Milliman Park

While Milliman Park, located on Glenn Ave. has an approximate 0.75-mile nature trail that ties into the playground and open green space.  You can also find a public fire pit and plenty of woody fuel on the ground that can be utilized for a wiener roast or just a bonfire.


Trails Map



Dunlap's Pleasant View Park

This park is located at the intersection of S 12th St and Eagle St.   This park has an approximate 0.75-mile A.D.A. compliant walking trail that fully encompasses the fishing pond.

Trails Map



Harrison County Conservation Board

Harrison County Historical Village & Iowa Welcome Center

The Harrison County Historical Village & Iowa Welcome Center, located at 2931 Monroe Ave, Missouri Valley, IA, has approximately 0.75 miles of A.D.A. compliant paved trails.  Another, 0.25 miles of the trails are crushed gravel with steep inclines and stairs to ascend visitors to the hilltop for a breathtaking overlook of the Boyer River valley.




Facilities & Trails Map


Gleason-Huble Wildlife Area

Located on the west face of the Loess Hills landform, Gleason-Huble provides a majestic view of the Missouri River bottoms.   Be ready for a workout.  The nearly 2.64 miles  of trails have steep slopes throughout this rugged terrain.


Facilities & Trails Map



Willow Lake Recreation Area

Willow Lake Recreation Area, located at 2725 Easton Trl., Woodbine, IA, has approximately 4 miles of marked nature trails.  Day use visitors and guests staying at the campground or in a cabin can utilize these trails to enjoy a little adventure in nature.

Facilities & Trails Map


Schaben Park

Schaben Park is located between Woodbine, IA and Dunlap, IA approximately 2 miles off of Highway 30.  Approximately 2 miles of medium grade trails with a few steep inclines can be found here.


Facilities & Trails Map


Old Town Conservation Area

Just south of Missouri Valley, IA, is the Old Town Conservation Area, which is approximately 345 acres of outdoor recreational delight.  This property contains a little over 8 miles of medium grade trails through gently rolling hills.


Facilities & Trails Map


Smart Trails

Be sure to bring along your a smart phone with a QR Code reader app. to Old Town Conservation Area, Schaben Park, and Willow Lake Recreation Area.  Trail heads are clearly marked with the Smart Trail sign.

Along the trail, QR code panels are located and can be scanned to learn about various natural features.


Loess Hills State Forest

Pisgah, Iowa

The Loess Hills State Forest is approximately 11,900 acres of Loess Hills wilderness that consists of four different management units - Little Sioux Unit,  Mondamin Unit, Pisgah Unit, and Preparation Canyon Unit.  There are approximately 48 miles or trails and/or traversable fire breaks in the Loess Hills State Forest.  However, the trail systems are currently being reevaluated and resigned as necessary to help prevent individuals from getting lost.  More information may be obtained from the Loess Hills State Forest headquarters located at 206 Polk St, Pisgah, IA.



DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge

Missouri Valley, Iowa

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge (N.W.R.) is located approximately 8 miles West of Missouri Valley, IA.  There is nearly 3.50 miles of trails located at DeSoto NWR  for visitors to enjoy.  Please see DeSoto N.W.R. website to obtain information about the refuge.